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Simply scan using your phone and the AI will instantaneously search the names of over 10,000 organisms.


Can be used in all aquariums and zoos.

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Your adventure buddy.
Can even be used underwater with no connection.

The recognition is done on the smart phone in real time, and can be used in offline locations - even underwater. Use our app to explore the underwater ecosystem while snorkeling or diving.

* Please assume your own risk when using your phone underwater.

Experience this innovative surprise.
Very high praise from directors of popular aquariums and zoos.

Katsushi Maruyama, Director of Sunshine Aquarium

First of all, I was very surprised to see the organism name displayed instantaneously simply by scanning using the phone. It is wonderful for customers to know more about creatures beyond the constraints of the commentary display in the aquarium. Since it is also possible to display the aquarium or zoo's very own commentary, it is really interesting how users will be able to see the unique perspectives of each and every staff in different locations.

Kiyonori Nishida, Director of Osaka Kaiyukan Aquariium

I was surprised by the app's ability to recognize multiple organisms simultaneously with high accuracy. The Osaka Kaiyukan Aquariium is focused on reproducing the natural environmental feel with our large aquarium, and our challenge was in displaying the names of organisms that various customers were interested in in a timely manner. I expect that being able to look up names while having fun will further their interest in living things.

Kanau Okude, Director of Toba Aquarium

Upon placing the smartphone over the organisms, each type was instantly displayed and changed to an illustration. This was quite shocking. At the same time, our dream of introducing all 1,200 species, the highest number of any aquarium in Japan, is likely to change to reality. The customers' experience in aquariums can be fully enhanced with a combination of seeing the organisms in action and LINNÉ LENS' characteristics.

Toshiaki Ishibashi, Director of Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum KAIKYOKAN

Its charm lies above all in the ability of visitors to take action themselves and learn about living things while having fun. "Learn while having fun" is also one of the necessary elements of an aquarium. "LINNÉ LENS", which allows visitors to instinctively try to learn about living things, has a hidden potential to change future explanations of living things in aquariums.

Yoshikazu Miyazato, Director of NEOPARK OKINAWA

We were impressed by how information about animals could be obtained just by holding up your hand. We place importance on barrier-free interactions with animals while you walk freely inside of our spacious grounds, and hope that by having them make use of LINNÉ LENS, it will become possible for visitors to have fun by proactively exploring for themselves, something that cannot be done with explanations displayed on signs.

Junichi Fujimori, Director of Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

With the concept of "fusing cutting-edge technology with marine creatures," we've wanted to communicate information about our animals in a way that is also entertaining. As an aquarium located in the heart of Tokyo, it is important for us to be able to provide multilingual support for our guests from within Japan and abroad. LINNÉ LENS is the best solution that we've found ever.

Masaya Ozawa, Director of Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium

When you ask, "Hey, what's the name of this fish?" LINNÉ LENS will provide the answer. It will draw you into a new world of knowledge and satisfy the curiosity of everyone. It can tell you more about types of fish that you can only find here, and provide you with original commentaries of our aquarium staff. It is time to dive into a whole new aquarium experience.


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    We provide clients with an exhibition system based around LINNÉ LENS that will surprise guests and aid them with intellectual discovery. We also use real-time AI and AR technology to develop unique exhibition systems and tailor them to clients to match the concepts behind their facilities. Feel free to make an inquiry.

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